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June 2020

Work  on the Gedling Access Road (GAR) now starts to gather pace. Lambley Lane will now be closed during 'working hours' for the next umpteen months (well, until Feb 2021, actually), and after that, for a shorter period, a total closure. There will be no vehicular or pedestrian access during the periods of closure.

Signs informing of closure to Lambley Lane from June 8 for GAR construction works


A diversion will be signposted, of course - along Spring Lane to Mapperley, and then down Arnold Lane into Gedling and vice versa. A mere 4.9 km one way, according to Google Maps. Please be careful driving in the area, especially around dawn or dusk, as more wild animals have been killed on Spring Lane since the GAR work began.

April 2020

As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, many local businesses are offering help for those self-isolating or for those who just can't get out.


AE Chambers, a butchers in Arnold, has informed that they will deliver raw and cooked meat products. The delivery is free.

If you're interested, contact Chambers directly, either on 0115 926 7034 or by email -

March 2020

With the advent of the UK Government's Covid-19 restrictions, the Village has come together to form an assistance group to aid the vulnerable residents of Lambley. Those people interested in becoming a volunteer should register with LVSA (Lambley Volunteer Shopping and Assistance).

LVSA logo





February 2020

The work on the Gedling Access Road has now started, with temporary traffic lights on Lambley Lane during working hours (08.00- 18.00 weekdays). There have been reports of deer straying onto the local roads, probably after being disturbed by the works. Please be careful when driving in the area around the Country Park.

There will be more speed camera sessions in the Village as the weather improves and the hours of daylight get longer.

The County Footpaths and Rights-of-Way Officer will be checking on the condition of the footpaths in the Village. FP1 is in a particularly poor condition.

A number of extra volunteers have joined the Flood Warden team. Soon it will be possible to legally close flooded roads in the Village.

Planning permission has been granted for a new Foundation unit at the Village Primary School. In association with this, the entrance to the School/Village Hall site will be widened and the stone gate pillars reinstated.

January 2020

Work on the Gedling Access Road (GAR) will begin early in the year. For residents who need access to Gedling via Lambley Lane, there will be two phases of closure of this road until May 2021.

From mid-June 2020 to mid-February 2021, Lambley Lane will be closed to traffic weekdays (07.00-18.00, Monday-Friday).

From mid-February 2021 to mid-May 2021, the road will be fully closed.

Upon completion there will again be access to Gedling along Lambley Lane, but only by travelling part-way along the GAR.


On a similar traffic-related topic, more volunteers are required for the Village speed watch scheme.

December 2019

The drive up to Lambley Primary School will now be closed between 08.40 and 09.10 and between 15.15 and 15.40 for safety reasons. The public footpath to the Dumbles will remain open all day and the drive will be available outside these times.

The Village Bonfire and Fireworks Party raised over 3000, to be donated to the Reed Pond Fund (1000) and Lambley Primary School (2000).

Dog fouling is again a problem around the footpath from Orchard Rise to the Church.

Recent flooding to Main Street was found to be caused by laurel hedge cuttings blocking the trash screen on Park Lane. Owners of property bordering a water course have a riparian responsibility to ensure that they do not cause blockage of a waterway.

A petition about vehicles speeding through the Village has been passed on to the County Council through our Councillor, Boyd Elliott.

September 2019

The Junior Church groups are still looking for someone who could commit to giving a little time on a monthly basis to help out, and perhaps eventually lead the children who attend Junior Church. Please consult the latest issue of the Lambley Parish Magazine for further details.

The Parish Magazine is STILL in need of an Advertising Manager. Interested parties should contact the Churchwarden.

August 2019

If anyone could commit to giving a little time on a monthly basis to the Junior Church groups, please consult the latest issue of the Lambley Parish Magazine for further details.

The Parish Magazine is in need of an Advertising Manager. Interested parties should contact the Churchwarden.

The Parish Council are progressing with the purchase of Reed Pond Nature Reserve. A 'Friends of Reed Pond, Lambley' group has been formed.

Some maintenance issues with the Village playground are being addressed by the Parish Council.

July 2019

The Parish Council has reached an agreement with Notts Wildlife Trust over the purchase of the Reed Pond Nature Reserve. a group - "Friends of Reed Pond" will be set up for the running and administration of the the site. A Facebook page has been published with more details - search Lambley Parish Council

A scarecrow competition will be running for the Village Show in September. Details will be delivered in July in a brochure to all houses in the Village. The theme will be Superheroes/heroines and cartoon characters.

June 2019

The Village Hall is the location for the second defibrillator in the Village. The other unit is by the Woodlark Inn on Church Street.

A Treasurer is required for Lambley PCC. Interested persons please contact the Church Warden.


The Parish Council have posted a message to dog owners in the Village, asking them to kindly clear up any faeces that their pets may leave. Problem areas are Main Street, Mill Lane, Chapel Lane, Occupation Lane, and Orchard Rise. There is no shortage of bins!







Reed Pond Nature Reserve is being proposed for sale by Notts. Wildlife Trust. The Parish Council, in association with Gedling Borough and Notts. County Councils, is exploring funding opportunities for its purchase for the community.

November 2018

The Parish Council has agreed to contribute towards a second defibrillator for the Village. The new one will be situated at the Village Hall.

The Parish Magazine has a new Editor! However, someone is still required to administer the Magazine's advertising needs. Contact:

October 2018

Repairs to the Church bridge have been carried out and a volunteer group has been formed to help maintain the Churchyard.

The Village Hall gateposts have been reduced in height because they were unsafe. The Parish Council has agreed to rebuild them, but the work has been delayed owing to the County Council's possible plans to extend the Primary School.

30 mph speed sign

Vehicles have been recorded travelling at more than 40 mph through the Village. Please contact the Parish Council if you have any ideas for solutions to this problem.


A number of properties have hedges overhanging the footway. It is a householder's responsibility to ensure that the footpath is clear of foliage.

The Parish Council are discussing the possibility of setting up a Befriending Register for sick/elderly/infirm residents of the Village. Contact the Parish Council for more details.

Council Tax precept

The Parish Council has set a precept of 2.5% for 2018/9. This amounts to an increase of 75p for a Band D property and is one of the lowest rises in the County.

Holy Trinity churchyard

The PCC has decided that it will officially hand over responsibility for the upkeep of the churchyard to Gedling Borough Council. The move is in line with Section 215 of the Local Government Act 1972.

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