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The Village
Lambley is situated in a shallow valley, close to the floodplain of the River Trent. It also lies adjacent to Gedling, a suburb of Nottingham, but still retains the air of an archetypal English village.


Aerial view of Lambley Village courtesy of Lambley Millennium Committee

John Berrington, 1999-2012

The village has a population of some 550 (although the Electoral Ward contains nearly 2000 people), and consists of a mix of new and old properties. The centre of the village is a conservation area with many fine buildings, a beautiful Perpendicular church, and an open space called the Pingle, which was the site of a medieval Manor House. Our Primary School takes pupils from a wide catchment, and has an excellent academic record. The village is also home to many businesses, and possesses four public houses, all of which serve excellent food. The most famous natural feature of the village is probably Lambley Dumbles, a series of small, deep, valleys running into the village from the direction of Mapperley Plains, to the west. The remains of a windmill exist on a hill to the north east.

Postscript 2015 - the Electoral Ward boundaries have been changed, resulting in changes to the population of the Ward.

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